Once a farm has the necessary licences and has been established there are a number of ongoing procedures that ensure the farm is operating in compliance with the terms of the licence and regulatory standards. These procedures will help minimise environmental impact and ensure the farming conditions are appropriate for good health and welfare of the farmed species.

Recommendations for decision making authorities

Upon approval of a licence, site monitoring needs to move away from regimes looking at single point monitoring to on-going or real-time schemes which contribute data to support management, decision making and regulation. Monitoring with defined objectives and timeframes should produce conclusive results that will inform decision making with regards to licence management and renewal.


Recommendations for applicants (aquaculture producers)

The licence will set out the conditions the producer must adhere to. This will include any biomass limits and there may be other specifications. The producer must ensure that production is compliant and meets these requirements. 

Beyond compliance and certification

Although there are statutory requirements which must be met as part of the licensing conditions, many producers, encouraged by the regulatory authorities, will also take additional measures which may be considered 'Beyond compliance'. 

There is also increasing interest in certification schemes.