This stage involves preparing and submitting the application to the relevant authorities. Regulators have a role in providing guidance for applicants preparing their submission and also ensuring the application system is user-friendly. Aquaculture producers should ensure their submission fulfils all criteria that is outlined by regulators and all required information is included in the application.

Recommendations for decision making authorities

There are several recommendations to streamline the licence application process:

  • Establishment of an electronic licensing (e-licensing) system.
  • Use of amendments in the licensing process.
  • Have a single point of contact (one-stop-shop) to assist coordination between applicant and authorities.
  • Have one contact person (Aquaculture Liasion Officer) who will interact directly with the applicant
  • Provide guidance in clear, unambiguous, and understandable language.

With regards to the aquaculture licence, regulatory authorities should:

  • Streamline the renewal process
  • Create research, trial and educational licences to facilitate innovation in the sector

Recommendations for applicants (aquaculture producers)

It is the responsiblity of the applicant (or their representative) to ensure the application contains all required information. A fully detailed and comprehensive application should make the process easier for all involved and should ensure a more timely decision and avoid delays due to lack of information.

Regular communication with the aquaculture liasion officer is important.

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